New York


Returning back to New York we finally find summer and plenty of water everywhere. Sprinklers in playgrounds, big and small, public pools and a pop-up pool (pictured) with the best view of the Manhattan.

Perhaps because you started going to the beach as a wee 3-month-old back in Beirut, you are like a little fish in the water.


31/52 Water


Water is our first August swim in the sea and the first time ever you have let go of my hands and said ‘look I’m a swimmer’ as you bob up and down in your pink arm bands.

Water is our first taste of watermelon back in Cagliari, not just any watermelon, but one born and bred on the island and given a very Sardinian name, Gavina: small sweet and seedless, pale green and juicy pink, the colours of your swim in the sea.

These two good things about coming back to our Sardinia lives after a long  (perhaps too long) time away- watermelons and swimming- remind me of another August post written in Beirut two summers ago, and then another one about the difficulty of coming and going from a place, leaving and returning like a tide.