38/52 Sign


This week it is our 7th wedding anniversary and the almost anniversary of our meeting, 14 years ago.

We celebrate with our families, 3 generations around a table for a 3 hour lunch, in a lovely local lake-facing agriturismo, that we discovered recently. We ask how long they’ve been open and are shocked when they say almost 14 years. But then they tell us that they changed their sign-post just a few weeks ago, green-lettering on a white background, instead of carved wood.¬†Apparently it made all the difference.

The photo is of a bowl, a gift from my parents, bought at a ceramics fair on the morning before lunch. A replacement for another recently-cracked ceramic dish, bought on our honey-moon in Marrakesh, from a wonderful man whose shop we came across at the end of a long day and without much cash left. We fell in love with two pieces painted with colours stolen from the sea and promised to return the next day. When, by some miracle the next morning, we found our way back he was open-mouthed with disbelief and delight. It was a sign he said, a divine one.