New York

I spotted these lines on the pavement just a few blocks from our home, and thought how wonderful- every line leads to the heart.

How different this is to the reality which I have been struggling with these past weeks. Writing my final papers, all three which are more or less dealing with the results of lines. Lines between states, drawn arbitrarily but fought over fiercely. Lines that turn into walls, guarded with barbed wires, fences and guns. Lines that that feed on fear of the other. Lines that become impenetrable in the name of immigration policy. Lines that create categories of people, that make the mere existence of a human illegal. These are the lines that separate humanity, that puts people in camps and  pushes those most in need of protection to their deaths in the sea.

How can we get rid of these ridiculous, dividing, lines?

Unsurprisingly, I did not manage to find an answer to this big question in any of my papers. But hopefully sometime in my lifetime we’ll figure out a way to make these lines more resemble the ones I spotted on the pavement- wiggly, happy and connecting us all together through the common denominator of love, and not, hatred.