About us

Once upon a time in Beirut two mamas met, thanks to their beautiful babies born just two months apart. They soon became friends, thanks to their shared passion for cakes and coffee, for talking on the terrace, and for the city itself where they had half a year of adventures together. You can read about some of those adventures here and here.

Today, despite being 5609 miles apart, they are still friends and still fascinated with their cities, so they decided to have another adventure together, in the shape of this blog, inspired by another two long-distance ladies. Here you will find 52 words for 52 weeks, telling the tales- and the details- of the places they call home: Beirut and New York.


At the end of March, we swapped Beirut for Cagliari, Italy, making our two cities closer in terms of distance (only 4221 miles now) but further in terms of differences. 

Or maybe we will discover more similarities than expected over the next 40 weeks….


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