26/52 Road


This is the half-way post on a year-long blog road. Just when I thought I had found my rhythm, holidays happened and habits unravelled. I sat down at the side of the road to rest a moment and found I couldn’t get up again. Until today, almost a month later.

Taken by A. Devine

This is the road that leads down the hill from our house, and this is the song that is often on the car stereo while we drive along it, and was playing when I drove down it for the very first time, remembering what it feels like to be behind a wheel after nearly 4 years of being a passenger, like coming home after a long time away.

This is the photo taken by my darling friend who stayed in the house for a week with her family, who all held their breath as they navigated the hairpin bends for the first time and then let it out again with a gasp when they saw the view, making me realise that we no longer do either and reminding me how quickly we get used to things, both the bumps and the beauty.


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