24/52 Season


When I lived in Cagliari in 2006 I fell in love with its indoor market San Benedetto and understood fully for the first time what it meant to eat seasonally and locally. I found a stall I liked- because the sweet lady let me pick the pink tinged pears myself- and I went back again and again, week after week, season after season, never disappointed from the very first melon until today. 
Slowly I learnt what to eat when and where from, always favouring things grown under the Sardinia sun: cherries from Burcei in the hills, melons from Arborea in the west, oranges from Muravera in the east, peaches from sunny San Sperate, then artichokes, asparagus and fennel from all over the island, but only when it’s their time. 
We are in cherry season now, one of my most favourite. I eat them like sweets, unable to stop popping them into my mouth until the bowl is empty, finally free of the impulse to count the stones and know who I will marry.
Now I’m in a different season of my life, watching my daughter eating cherries- already an addict adept at spitting stones- and wondering whether or not to teach her the same rhyme. 

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