23/52 Dream


This week I lost count of the number of times you slept through the night (something I never thought would happen!).

When you woke up from your eleven hour long sleeps, you were often emerging from the middle of a dream.

I want my ice lolly you called out one morning, apparently it had been a white one in the shape of a heart.

Another day you told me you had been eating coconut ice cream (spot the theme!), just you, not mama.

And on Wednesday you said as you sat up, all sleepyheaded and eyes still closed

Let’s go and have a picnic!

That same day I met a friend in a new pasticceria, opened by a friend of ours whose dream it was to do just that. While we lingered long over a belated breakfast, she came past carrying a crate of lemons, a gift from another mutual friend, grown in his garden (behind the house of his dreams). She gave us both one to take home, and before leaving I also bought a tray of tiny pastries for later so we could have an afternoon tea picnic on the terrace, making at least one of your dreams come true.

We enjoyed our cakes with our own ice tea, made with the lovely lemon gift, and later frozen into ‘ice tea lollies’- not white and heart-shaped but still delicious.


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