New York


This is my bag. It has been my most trusted travel companion ever since I bought it in the old souks of Damascus, back in February 2011 when things were still normal. Drinks have been spilled on it, the belt is starting to wear out, but overall it has aged with grace (thanks to the wonderful handicraft). The leather tells its own story now, in different shades and scratches, softened by time and the miles we have covered together.

These days as we are feeling rather settled down and sedentary, it feels almost surreal to think back to the adventures my bag and I had not so long ago. Perhaps this is amplified by the fact that the world we knew, and the places we saw, have changed so quickly. I hope one day we can revisit some of our experiences together like going to the fish market in Aden, buying sugarcane juice in Cairo, sneaking through with two passports at the Allenby crossing from Jordan to Palestine and of course to the old souks of Damascus where the yummiest and cheapest falafel shop stands. By that time it is very likely that my bag will be too worn out and etched with too many memories that I must go and buy a new one from the same man in the same stand. But until then, we will continue together.


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