11/52 Neighbourhood


This week I was planning on making a long-overdue visit to the museum on my doorstep- one of my neighbourhood’s lesser-known treasures. I walk past it every single day, but in more than two years, I’ve never been inside Le Souffleur. 

Unfortunately, a midst a flurry of farewells and panicking about packing, I still haven’t made it, but if you are curious then you can take a look inside here. And the one thing I can offer you that the photographer of the article can’t is a view of the museum’s roof, taken from my own terrace, this sunny Sunday afternoon, my last in Beirut.


And here is another of Ain Mriesse’s jewels, Rana Raouda’s gallery, on the corner of the street that she shares her name with, that I also walk past every day, window shopping her works of art. But unlike the museum, I’ve actually been inside, after a spontaneous email to the artist, and I might even buy a painting, a little square of colour and light to remind me of this corner of Beirut, that will always be a little bit our home.





2 thoughts on “11/52 Neighbourhood

  1. Le Souffleur looks absolutely amazing and unique! Too bad I didn’t know about it when I was in Beirut. Hope you manage to squeeze it in before you go. If not, it’s always good to leave something left to return to.


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