10/52 Bridge


Beirut is a bridge between East and West, between the mountains and the Mediterranean, between before and after.

It is a meeting place for old and new, for decadence and decay, for beauty and the beasts.

In this city of extremes, the only way to survive, is to find your middle ground, your bridge between delight and despair, between up and down, between sea and sky.

Ain Mreisse, my local bridge, between sea and sky



One thought on “10/52 Bridge

  1. How very true…. my sentiments exactly! Living in Bxl between the Blue of the sky and even deeper Green of grass – exceptionally true this spring – I try to find my middle ground . Between the life I had, the life I am having now and the one is waiting for me just around the corner! The one which will probably offer a different shades of one color . In a country on the roof of the world@


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