New York


It’s been a week far from normal. The two molars turned out to be a virus and for an entire week we lived in a kind of state of emergency at home. No more rules applied. Ice cream for lunch, ice cream for dinner. TV after lunch, before nap. Napping on the breasts. There were so many seemingly endless nights of waking up every hour, crying and whining that sent me banging my head on the wall claiming “I can’t do this anymore!”

Yet I did. On a particularly gray day I bought a bunch of tulips. During the worst tantrums and my most defeated moments I would stare at this corner of the room. Stare, breathe, stare, breathe. It was a source of calm and beauty, a representation of the normal which I so craved.

Then suddenly as quickly as sickness descended upon us it departed. In its absence our life has returned to normal. What a relief. We couldn’t believe it. Yesterday evening we saw the sky turning pink and went up to our roof to witness a sunset that was very different from the normal kind. It was in fact better than normal, it was magical.

Then it occurred to me that although in tough times we long for normalcy, it is in adversity that we learn, challenge and grow. It is in adversity we feel life with all its brutal forces. The days of normal melt into each other, but we will always remember the difficult days. The days we had to stay strong as a family to make it through. And that is pretty magical.



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